GSEA Past Winners

SilaiyaT Winner at GSEA Pakistan National Final 2020-2021
ConnectHear Winner at GSEA Pakistan National Final 2018-2019
TripMate Winner at GSEA Pakistan National Final 2018-2019
EyeAutomate 2nd Runner up at GSEA Islamabad Semi Final 2017-2018
GSEA Pakistan 2022-2023 Competition

It’s your once in a lifetime opportunity to showcase your business nationally and internationally while representing Pakistan at EO Global Leadership Conference in Cape Town, South Africa! Meet fellow studentpreneurs and get mentored from the top business tycoons around the world!

World's premier award for students who run companies and study at the same time

An international series of competitions for university and college student entrepreneurs who own a for-profit business that has been operational for at least six months and that meets the revenue criterion.

We At GSEA Pakistan

GSEA Pakistan has been conducting the competition since 2016. The competition has been regularly conducted in different cities which are managed by the different EO Chapters in Pakistan.

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